PTO Meeting Notes 3/2/20

General PTO Meeting Notes - Monday, March 2, 2020

In Attendance: Chris Asmussen, Jill Mullen, Cayce Peterson, Pamela Ornstein, Jessica Caldwell, Scott Skowronek, Laura Rennie, Kate Gookin, Rhea Kowitz Call to Order / Introductions

Motion to Approve Minutes (February) – Motioned by Rhea Kowitz, seconded by Scott Skowronek.

Old Business/Updates:

  • Mr. A, Principal

  • Mr. A to talk to Kathy about adding a spot for PTO on Mohave Website – Update: It is there! To get to it, you need to go to the very top and select “Our School”, then chose “Our School”. On the right hand side, select “PTO Information”

  • Student lead conferencing will start after spring break

  • It’s a time for students to review what they’ve been doing and celebrate learning with their families

  • Adding a Theater class, about 20 rising 7 & 8th graders have signed up. 6th graders will have an opportunity to join in the fall.

  • Discussed possibly having a “habits of study” after school class or zero hour class and a zero hour PE class.

  • Beth Formanek, StuGo

  • 8th Grade Shirts are being paid for by StuGo! Purchase Order has been requested, pending payment and then they will go to print

  • Dad’s Club (Rhea)

  • 04/17 – Movie Night

  • Start time between 6-7pm

  • For any food/beverage sales, need to start process two weeks prior

  • Scottsdale Parent Council (Shanda/Abby)

  • Meeting on Wednesday night – Student Safety

  • Treasurer’s Report – Current Balance $16,277.58

  • Dine Outs/ Fundraising

  • Dine Outs (Scott)

  • Sonic Dine Out was held 02/05, approximately $60 was earned

  • Scott to schedule a March dine out

  • Barnes & Noble – Gift cards earned from previous book fair will be broken down into smaller denominations for Teacher Appreciate Week.

  • Kate to work with Scott to have gift cards broken down into smaller denominations

  • Teachers Pay Teachers (Kate)

  • School Access vs. Individual Access

  • Possibly give each area a gift card that doesn’t expire as this is a more feasible option.

  • Upcoming Events

  • 03/02 Band Concert

  • 03/03 Orchestra Concert

  • 03/06 7am -Coffee with Chris

  • 03/09-13 Spring Break – No School

  • 03/19-20 Early Release (12:20pm) / Parent & Teacher Conferences

  • 03/24 Skateland Fundraiser Event 6-8:30pm

  • No Coffee with Chris in April

  • 04/06 PTO meeting 4pm

New Business

  • Fundraiser: Summer Movie Fun

  • Harkins Summer Movie Fun – if we sell 50 tickets, we get a 20% kick-back

  • Could use as a Year End prize?

  • Everyone agreed to put the order out to the kids. We only need a minimum of 11 tickets to put in an order. (No proceeds for a small order, but we won’t lose money either.)

  • Community Service – Feed My Starving Children

  • Goal: 75 Participants

  • Date Options for 6-8pm: Tues 04/28, Mon 05/04 (PTO), Tue 05/05 (Track), Tue 05/12, Thurs 05/14

  • It was decided that there is to much going on in the spring. Let’s try for a Saturday 1-3pm over summer to keep the community together.

  • Update: New dates were proposed. 06/20, 06/27, or 07/11

Board Meeting follow-up

  • Paw Prizes (50 more weekly and end of year prizes needed.)

  • Passive Fundraiser Flyer – new events, rock climbing etc.

  • Grant for Crosswalk/Speed Sign

  • Thank You Cards

  • Spirit Store – Next open ordering session

  • Teacher/Staff Luncheon on May 13 – Cayce Petersen, Chair

  • Volunteer Support for the end of year events on May 15th (8th Grade Sun Splash, 7th Grade Bowling or Movie, 6th Grade Field Water Play) – 20 volunteers per level needed.

Upcoming PTO Committee Meetings

  • 8th Grade Dance 03/16 @ 5:30pm, Chairs: Shanda, Jill, and Danita

  • Teacher Appreciation 03/25 Time: TBD, Chairs: Jill, Shanda, and Cayce

  • Board Meeting 03/18 @ 5:15pm at Luci’s at the Grove

  • Bylaws

  • Budget

Next PTO Meeting: April 6th, 2020 @ 4pm in the Media Center

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