PTO Meeting Notes 2/3/20

General PTO Meeting Minutes - Monday, February 3, 2020 In Attendance: Kate Gookin, Danita Shumard, Rhea Kowitz, Pam Ornstein, Bert teVelde, Jill Mullen, Calvin Lowry, Shanda Carrithers, Noelle Fox, Cayce Peterson, Laura Rennie

Unable to Attend: Mr. Asmussen Call to Order / Introductions Motion to Approve Minutes (January) – minutes approved Old Business/Updates: - Beth Formanek, StuGo – Kate gave the update o Dance Chaperones 02/21 5-7pm Candyland Theme – Sign Up Sent last week o 8 th Grade Shirts – all sizes will be gathered by end of day Wednesday (02/05); Jill will then work with Beth to get them ordered.

- Mr. Bert TeVelde, Robotics – not planning t-shirts until clean-up party around March - Dad’s Club (Rhea) o Movie night on 4/17; trying to figure out if they will do BBQ or pizza; popcorn; need PTO to advertise; need ‘hands-on’ dads o Rhea is going to ask about kickball game - Scottsdale Parent Council (Shanda) – speaker at SPC meeting was on mental health; she is the founder of Kid in the Corner, a mom who lost her son to suicide that goes around speaking to schools; very powerful (about empathy, managing stress, what to look for, etc.); free; going to be at the Annex on 2/11 @ 6:00 - Spirit Store (Jill Mullen) – 9 orders; she closed the store and started making shirts; Kate said we should push at our next community event; Danita suggested PTO purchasing some swag to put in Paws drawings; Noelle suggested we wait and see what our balance looks like before we purchase anything - Treasurer’s Report – currently have around $10k; would discourage any purchases o Auction money has not come in o Art to Remember hasn’t come in - Dine Outs/ Fundraising o Dine Outs (Scott)  Sonic – Wednesday, 02/05 from 5-8pm; should let Mr. A know to announce

o Dream Dinners – do we want to do this? $10/person that attends; cost is roughly $50; Kate will get dates for April

o Barnes & Noble – looking at next date in early May for graduation o Shrek (Kate) - $30 Mohave swag sold; discussion was had about in/out of Fine Arts money; Kate and Noelle will meet to discuss re-payment of $655.87 t-shirt cost o New passive fundraising additions – Kate will email to Danita and she will update with the following:  AZ on the Rocks / Yoga on the Rocks – 20% back on all full price camps, classes, and birthday parties  Zerorez - $30 for every cleaning  American Family Warehouse Furniture – 2-4%, plus chance to win $500 every year.  Tuft & Needle

- Upcoming Events o 02/07 7am -Coffee with Chris o 02/12 Early Release / Teacher Luncheon (Sign up sent last week) o 02/17 President’s Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL o 2/21 Dance o 03/02 - PTO Meeting – 5:15pm in the Media Center in conjunction with band concert; Mr. TeVelde suggested if you come to PTO meeting, you can get a reserved seat at band concert

New Business - Teacher Request – Teachers Pay Teachers; Kate has an appt to meet with them for a school account; done by number of teachers not students; all inclusive; can also email parents to donate; Rhea explained how the website works - Noelle brought up teachers mentoring other teachers o Mr. TeVelde talked about how hard it is in the first 5 years for new teachers, and how many young teachers drop out; and PTO can recognize the needs of parents to surround the teachers; PTO can go to the board as parents and ask to take care of those teachers and make funds available; would be a powerful message - Board Meeting o Barnes and Noble Gift Cards – no update o Grant for Crosswalk/Speed Sign – no update o Thank You Cards – Kate passed around a sample of a thank-you card for the auction; looking for approval on design o Approved request for reimbursements:  Nurse $6.09; motion was approved and seconded o Budget Rollover – next meeting o Next board meeting – Wednesday, 2/26 @ 5:15 pm – Detroit Coney - End of the year needs 30+ parents for 6 th , 7 th , 8 th events/field trips - Luncheons o February 12 – Kate Gookin, Chair o May 13 – Cayce Petersen, Chair - Teacher Appreciation Committee

o Jill, Shanda, Cayce , Kate o First Meeting – March 25 - 8 th Grade Dance o Chairs: Shanda, Jill o Committee: Danita o First Meeting 03/16 @ 5:30pm - Cayce wants to bring speakers in about child trafficking, social media, etc.; Pam can do it for free; was talking to Officer Steele about a program; just need a time and a place; Pam suggested if Cayce talks to Mr. A about time/place, she will get them here - Cayce asked about Board Meeting Minutes; Danita will type Next PTO Meeting: March 2 nd , 2020 @ 5:15 pm in the Media Center;

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