PTO Meeting Notes 1/14/20

General PTO Meeting Minutes - Monday, January 13, 2020 Call to Order / Introductions Motion was made to Approve the minutes for November and December an seconded, Old Business/Updates:  Beth Formanek- StuGo o Dance on 2/21, it’s a Friday, need Chaperones (Candyland Dance theme) 5pm to 7pm o 8 th Grade Shirts; Send to Shanda; Decision made to have names of the graduating class list only  Mr. A Update o Teacher request; could PTO support Teacher Lesson plan purchases? (teachers pays teachers) very nominal fee Suggestion is to offer $25 to each teacher and they would submit receipt for reimbursement  Possibility for us to buy a blanket license to give the entire school access; Kate to look into this for next board meeting  We have 7 departments; could we give a budget to each department? o 3 rd Quarter home stretch  If students are failing 2 or more classes, they cannot walk  Discussing May 15 th Friday water park for 8 th grade, could do a 6 th grade on the field fire department activity, and 7 th grade movie day to help motivate students  Last week of school; close the books and give a look-ahead for the next grade enrichment  Development of “learning portfolio”; idea is to have a folder for parent/teacher conference to review to put the parents/students in the driver’s seat

o Doreen Thomas, Librarian  B&N $2,240 was brought in the form of gift cards for our book fair  Feedback was that we needed more volunteers to work the check-out line and coffee line to make shoppers aware

o Bert teVelde  Robotics T-Shirts; Scott to send Jill the list of shirt sizes and a basic design o Auction update  Profit of $3500  There were several items that didn’t sell or came in after the auction completed. (T&N), Pita Jungle, Dave & Busters, In-N-Out Burger basket  Could we do a FLASH auction? To help fund the lesson plan above for Mr. A? o On hold till next meeting

 Kate is going to do a Fine Arts Auction to help fund the sectionals

 Fine arts is pending their 501c setup, costs $600  Scott to send Kate/Mr. A possible grant for a crosswalk/speed sign o SPC - Meeting is this week on mental health o Spirit store  Back open until Jan 31 st  Jill to send Mr. A the details for spirit store o PTO Raffle winners - Kate to send names to Mr. A to announce in morning announcements o Treasurer report  Discussed how much money we want to roll-over in the budget for next year  Need to take into account remaining activities the rest of the year o Dine Out’s  Movie update  Movie was a success and a good community building event; total cost to PTO was about $300 for tickets that we donated to PAWS & volunteers

New Business o Shrek  Going to be doing a fundraiser with “Shrek ears”  They will be sold for $5 per set of ears. Mr. A approved spirit day for the kids to wear them to school; They will be sold during lunch and after school the Thursday/Friday before the play.  New passive fundraising opportunities  AZ on the Rocks yoga  Zerorez $30 per cleaning  American Family Warehouse furniture 2-4% plus a chance to win $500

o Board Meeting updates  Approved request for two teachers that completed ELD  Next Board meeting on 1/30 6pm Thursday at Sonic Scottsdale  Nighttime PTO meeting in March will be 3/2 at 6pm

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