PTO Meeting Notes 12/2/19

General PTO Meeting Minutes - Monday, December 2, 2019

In Attendance: Kate Gookin, Danita Shumard, Scott Skowronek, Chris Asmussen, Beth Formanek, Bert te Velde, Shanda Carrithers, Noelle Fox, Jill Mullen, Doreen Thomas, Cayce Peterson

Call to Order / Introductions

Motion to Approve Minutes – next meeting

Old Business/Updates:

  • Mr. A, Principal – moving along!

  • Beth Formanek, StuGo

  • Stuffed envelopes; still doing Art to Remember

  • Doreen Thomas, Librarian

  • Book Fair, Scholastic – went good! $4100 sales which amounts to $2k +/1 in scholastic cash; all grades represented; thanked us for promoting well

  • Book Fair, Barnes & Noble – 12/15 until 11pm at Shea and Tempe Marketplace locations; haven’t gotten flyer yet; greeting table at both; only wrapping at Tempe; Stugo, NJHS and Habits contacted to sign up; Ms. Thomas created sign up; strings quartet will be there; haven’t heard from cheer; choir intends to be at both locations; could we have Wylie?; Cayce said too much;; need to get on Saguaro PTO Facebook

  • Auction Committee Meetings:

  • TALENT SHOW / AUCTION – Tuesday, December 3

  • Pick Up items Tuesday after auction, Thursday 2-3pm (and during Star Wars sale if we know they are coming), Tuesday 12/10 2-3pm and by special accommodation prior to 12/10

  • Received $600/liquor from Greg Fields/Gilligan

  • Mr. A’s sister gave us $400+ in wine for the auction

  • Papa Johns will be set up to sell pizza; would like people to pre-order; Kate will mention at the dress rehearsal to talent show parents to pre-order

  • Plan for everything to be set up by 6:00


  • Scott/Abby are setting up and decorating

  • Closes at 8:00

  • Dad’s Club – meeting at Mr. A’s house; have two flyers – carrot and stick approach; one for those complying, one for those that need to do better; question asked if the cones can go down after pickup, otherwise get stuck

  • Scottsdale Parent Council (Shanda/Abby) – nothing to report Abby mentioned there was conversation about intermingling special needs with rest of the population

  • Spirit Store (Jill Mullen) – Jill brought a sample of the water bottle; paid $5.90/each; ordered 50; suggested selling for $10; can give some for Paws; also lanyards came in; spirit store closed with $799 in sales, which is okay; Jill will bring the check when it comes in; all in favor of purchasing some lanyards ($206.22/100)

  • Communications to Families

  • Raffle for returned PTO envelopes; reminder needs to go out to get them in to do drawing; prize is a scavenger hunt party

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • $12,000 functioning cash; expenses: teacher luncheon, band assistance; insurance;

  • $290 from Tuft & Needle

  • Pending Receipts for previously approved purchases:

  • Harkins Movie Passes for Teachers

  • Front Office Candy

  • PAWs Prizes

  • Box Tops Check forthcoming for $74.10

  • Skateland Check for Fall Skate proceeds $106. (53 skaters)

  • Dine Outs/ Fundraising (Scott)

  • Papa John’s dine out

  • Papa John’s tomorrow

  • Dec. 20 - Star Wars movie night. We will start selling tickets this Thursday from 4-6pm; have three storm troopers and a darth vader; (need to give tickets to them); will give Mr. A tickets for prizes; two 4-packs are on auction; $11/ticket

  • Art to Remember – a reminder will be sent out; just won’t be in time for Christmas

  • Upcoming Events

  • 12/03 Talent Show and Auction

  • 12/05 Band Concert @ Saguaro; spaghetti dinner being held

  • 12/06 Coffee with Chris

  • 12/11 Early Release / Teacher Luncheon

  • 12/14 First Lego League 9am-5pm

  • 12/15 Barnes & Noble

  • 12/17 Choir Concert

  • 12/18 Coffee with Kriekard @Coronado 8-10am

  • 12/18 Orchestra Concert

  • 12/23–01/03 Winter Break & Professional Development – NO SCHOOL

  • 01/06 School Reconvenes

  • 01/10 Coffee with Chris

  • 01/13 PTO Meeting

New Business

  • Board Meeting – 1/9 @ 4:00 @ Renegade

  • Luncheon Organizer

  • December 11 – Danita will call for quotes on meals;

  • February 12 – Kate Gookin

  • May 13 – Cayce can do

  • Teacher Appreciation Organizer; something each day; bfast one day, tacos, baggie of candy; Jill, Shanda and Cayce will work on that

Next PTO Meeting: January 13th, 2019 @ 4pm in the Media Center

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