PTO Meeting Notes 10/14/19

General PTO Meeting Agenda - Monday, October 14, 2019

In Attendance: Ginger Marvin (Barnes and Noble), Kate Gookin, Noelle Fox, Doreen Thomas, Chris Asmussen, Cayce Peterson, Beth Formanek, Scott Skowronek, Shanda Carrithers, Danita Shumard

Call to Order / Introductions

Motion to Approve Minutes – motion to approve by Cayce, second by Noelle

Old Business/Updates:

  • Curriculum Night – Data entry from Curriculum Night is complete. We had approximately 350 people come through that evening.

  • Mr. A, Principal –

  • November – big month:

  • PBIS

  • Stop, walk and talk campaign 11/7-8

  • Katie McPherson is coming 11/12; three assemblies; message is ‘showing dignity, kindness, respect to others, but that starts with yourself’; $750 (paid by tax credit)

  • 11/13 – parent night for human growth and development; starts at 6pm; curriculum starts the following Friday 11/22 in school

  • Trolley stops are moving Oct 26

  • Scott asked if it’s okay to install large flags on the school zone signs like they have at Pima; he will coordinate with Dads Crew

  • Beth Formanek, StuGo

  • Dance on 10/18 5-7pm, largest of the school year; have three parents so far; hoping for a lot of parents; costumes allowed, no masks/weapons; need ID and permission slips; $5

  • Doreen Thomas, Librarian

  • Book Fair, Scholastic – 11/12 – 15; students come by one grade/day; will do a robocall; Ms. Thomas would appreciate promotion of event, including schedule;

Scholastic has a new program called Epayment where parents can pre-pay; Kate and Noelle are helping Ms. Thomas with money; fliers will go out during 7th hour the Friday before, along with announcements; Mr. A will do a reminder through In Touch

  • Auction Committee Meetings: need help getting donations; 2 people on the committee; Shanda suggested getting minutes from the meetings; will probably do like last year; donations in the gym, talent show in cafeteria

  • Tuesday, October 15 @ 6pm Wildflower Bread Company, Indian Bend/Scottsdale Rd

  • Saturday, October 26 @ 3pm Starbucks Hilton Village, McDonald/Scottsdale Rd

  • Tuesday, October 29 @ 3:30pm

  • Friday, November 1 @ 5pm

  • Tuesday, November 5 @ 6pm

  • Tuesday, November 12 @ 6pm

  • Friday, November 15 @ 12pm @ Mohave Middle School PTO Room

  • Tuesday, November 19 @ 6pm

  • Monday, November 25 @ 2:30pm

  • Tuesday, December 3 @ 2pm and 6pm

  • TALENT SHOW / AUCTION – Thursday, December 5

  • Dad’s Club – (Rhea) We have 6 dads interested in helping. Josh Prewitt (organizer), Michael Kowitz, Scott Skowronek, Steve Fucello, Jason Skrodenis, and Josh Ornstein. Josh Prewitt is reaching out to them soon and they will discuss with Mr. A what date would work for a Dad's Club breakfast in November.

  • Reached out to Mr. A today; have two dates picked out for a planning meeting; either 10/20 or 10/27

  • Spirit Store – Jill Mullen - Open Until 11/03; only have two orders; need to advertise!

  • Mr. A will have Rhea do a robocall

  • Cayce asked if we’ve done a purchase for Paws drawings

  • is website

  • Box Tops / Envelopes Communications to Families

  • Was hoping to get this info out to parents in September; need to spend $150 to get printed; expense approved; Stugo will help distribute

  • Teacher Info Sheets – to be continued

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Balance: $12,794.62

  • Sonic earnings - $490

  • Chipotle Earnings from 09/17 - $449.26

  • Kroger / Fry’s Earnings - $90.37

  • Dine Outs/ Fundraising

  • Dec. 20 - Star Wars – Scott got approval to have movie on 12/20; need to decide how to sell; probably a table after school; will work with Molly to print tickets

  • Will probably be a Papa John’s on a Friday this Fall

  • Art to Remember (Rhea) - We received all the supplies. Kids are going to start working on their art projects on Thursday/Friday during their reading times. Hoping to have them all returned by Friday so the art can be mailed back to the company.

  • Upcoming Events

  • 10/17 Early Release – Parent / Teacher Conferences

  • 10/18 Early Release – Parent / Teacher Conferences

  • 10/22 6-8pm – Skateland – negotiated price; $3 admission; same profit

  • 10/23 Early Release – reschedule luncheon – will do Teacher Snacks instead– Scott will work with Mr. A; suggestion for Belvita

  • 11/6 next early release – Teacher luncheon

New Business

  • Barnes & Noble – does in store book fairs; she partners with schools/educators and the community; more like a book fair and a dine-in combined

  • Whole store is available to shop in; café sales counts; we pick a date, they set up the store, give us marketing materials with date, address, etc; we promote

  • They create a barcode for our school; don’t have a percentage, but she will provide a breakdown

  • We can set up a welcome table if we want to; can structure it around an ‘event’ like Polar Express, scavenger hunt, etc.

  • Will let us know December dates; can incorporate a gift wrap event; they provide the table, paper and any ‘club’ can wrap and keep 100% of the tips

  • Can also have the choir come play; wants it to be a community event

  • She will get in touch with Scott for dates

  • She can also get our teachers connected with an Educator card

Next PTO Meeting: November 4, 2019 @ 4pm in the Media Center

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