PTO Meeting Notes 9/9/19

General PTO Meeting Agenda - Monday, September 9, 2019

In Attendance: Danita Shumard, Darrah MacDougall, Mini Maestas, Doreen Thomas, Bert te Velde, Kate Gookin, Scott Skowronek, Shanda Carrithers, Cayce Peterson, Pamela Ornstein, Noelle Fox, Rhea Kowitz

Call to Order

Motion to Approve Minutes – Motion by Mini Maestas and Mr. te Velde



  • Mr. A, Principal

  • Two folks showed up to Coffee with Chris last week. They talked about our philosophy at Mohave – to address the whole child.

  • Danita mentioned there are 907 students at Mohave; Question was asked what is our max capacity? Question was asked why we are growing; Mr. te Velde mentioned the teacher collaboration, as well as the charter schools can’t offer what we can for the whole student; also the word is getting out; Mr. te Velde said there are no good and bad schools, but what is good for your student

  • Some GREAT news to share: 33% of our students are involved in extracurricular activities (does not include Shrek, our musical!). 20% of our students opted to be in Honors ELA, 20% of our students self selected the College and Career Readiness (Habits of Study Class), 18% of students are in accelerated math, 20% of students are in the DLI program, 52% of students are in Band, Strings, or Choir

  • Our PBIS or PAWS program is strong – however we are seeing an increase in social and emotional needs within our student community; Kate asked Mr. A what can PTO do

  • Cayce mentioned that we need to get better communication from Saguaro (like the talk tonight at the PTO meeting)

  • Ms. Thomas said there is new clothing out to hide drugs

  • 15 students attended Better Together and he has allocated $1000 to $1500 out of gift money to support their efforts.

  • The safety committee met last week, and we will also weave in discussions on how to best address our students social and emotional needs as well as that will reduce incidents of unkind behavior and bullying – leading to a safer campus. We should connect and discuss a parent evening program to address social and emotional needs of our families. Perhaps inviting Katey McPherson to come out again. The Talent Show may be a great “advertising opportunity” for such an event, especially if we hold the program soon after the Talent Show. Thoughts? All are in favor.

  • Today, Mr. A and Kristin are going with the SCA (autism program) teachers to an open house at Redfield ES to tour “model room” and then will meet after to debrief

  • Beth Formanek, StuGo

  • Reminder for the sign up genius for the 10/15 dance chaperones, which is the largest dance of the school year.

  • This Thursday we are offering $1 Hat DAY to support Hurricane Relief. Requested to be added to the Facebook page.

  • Auction Committee, First Meeting will be this Thursday at 5:30pm at Wildflower Bread Company on Indian Bend/Scottsdale Road.

  • Dad’s Club – Joshua Prewitt – breakfast in fall; movie night in spring

  • Spirit Store – info coming soon

  • Teacher Info Sheets – to be continued

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • $2,818.59 income; $872.23 disbursed; $570 made at Sonic!!!

  • PTO Reimbursement Form, once approved we will have paper and an online version

  • Dine Outs/ Fundraising

  • Gilligan’s Mixer – 9/10 – 5-8pm

  • Chipotle 09/17 4-8pm @ Pavilions

  • Dec. 20 - Star Wars – Scott reached out Harkins; getting an override to have a fundraiser on opening night; need to sell tickets at Mohave; Molly will create tickets

  • Will probably be a Papa Johns on a Friday this Fall

  • Upcoming Events

  • 09/11 Early Release

  • 09/19 Health Screening – need more sign ups – need 8 people every hour

  • 09/30 No School – District Recess

  • 10/02 Orchestra Concert

  • 10/03 Band Concert

  • 10/04 Coffee with Chris @ 7am

  • 10/07-11 Fall Break

  • 10/14 PTO Meeting 4pm @ Media Center

  • 10/17 Early Release – Parent / Teacher Conferences

  • 10/18 Early Release – Parent / Teacher Conferences

  • 10/23 Early Release – Teacher Luncheon – will need to do a sign up

New Business

  • Scottsdale Parent Council Donation – After a discussion of possible donations to SPC it was decided on a $100 donation which is the recommended $80 for our two representatives and an additional $20. SPC is partnering with Expect More and are working to “support a world class education for every child”. SPCs mission is to advance the welfare and education of all students in the district, among other things

  • Yes to children presentation – Would like to provide a speaker and/or information to your families and community; distribute flyers (physical/electronic) to encourage the community to vote by ballot (which will be mail only, arriving in four weeks); After a discussion on what we would like to donate, the board agreed on a $300 donation to Yes to Children. Kate connected with Laurie Jackson to have flyers, magnets, and yard signs to be at the Mixer tomorrow night.

  • Mr. te Velde and Ms. Thomas thanked us again for caring about the teachers

  • Rhea: talked to Mr. A about an Art fundraiser and he said its ok.; will use two reading periods to do; working with Art to Remember on deadlines, to get before Christmas

  • Robotics going strong; over 150 students; need sponsors to help with t-shirts; would like ‘mentoring’ on it; has 6 mentors; would like PTOs help with the t-shirts; Kate said she talked to an orthodontist today who would like to sponsor

  • Robotics: Dec. 14 – first Lego league tournament here; Saguaro organizes the whole thing; lots of volunteers; used to have a saguaro family that fed the volunteers; gets the community involved; Scott offered to help with anyone in a financial need

  • Cayce asked about the email addresses and what is happening with them; Rhea will filter the names based on how many times they have opened; we agreed to delete a portion of people who do not open and read the newsletters. Rhea will let us know after the sort is completed on what that number is. We could pay to allow for more sign ups but the pricing isn’t reasonable.

  • Kate is still entering the sign in’s from the curriculum night into a Google doc; Danita offered to help.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:05pm.

Next PTO Meeting: October 14, 2019 @ 4pm in the Media Center

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