PTO Meeting Notes 8/26/19

PTO General Meeting

August 26, 2019 @ 4 pm

In attendance: Danita Shumard, Shanda Carrithers, Scott Skowronek, Doreen Thomas, Mr. Asmussen, Kate Gookin, Beth Formanek, Cayce Peterson, Bert te Velde; Pamela Ornstein; Noelle Fox, Minerva Maestas, Anne Wurth, Jill Mullen

  1. Call to Order

  2. Reimbursement Request Form – Kate tweaked; wants feedback on; ‘Location’ replaced with ‘Vendor’; comment was made that ‘please attach receipts’ is misleading if you need prior approval

  3. Motion to Approve Minutes - approved

  4. Introductions: All members

  5. Mr. A

  6. Volunteer/Chaperon – might be a change coming our way; district is changing things; if the volunteer is in sight of a faculty, they don’t need to have a background check; new policy is all volunteers are background checked; asking if PTO can fund background checks for parents that can’t afford; Kate asked how long they last and can they transfer to other schools; Cayce suggested half price; decided to table for further information

  7. Flyer he received from Middle Years – would parents want? Kate got one also; says it has amazing information; called them and they need a head count and want full info; $229/year+$125/Spanish; discussion is lets try it; more discussion on how to distribute; decided to go for it

  8. Rhea asked Mr. A is it possible to send handouts to just one sibling in a family; he said unlikely, but to talk with Julie Brown

  9. Coffee with Chris Friday 9/6; will plan on SROs in October; open to discussion items

  10. Mr. te Velde

  11. Thanked PTO for Open House and the PTO support (especially the clipboards)

  12. Mini asked Mr. teVelde if he would be the PTO representative; Mr. A said he could put any important PTO items in the ‘flash’

  13. Oct. 18 – need sign up for chaperones; Kate will get with Jessica for sign-up genius; biggest dance event of the year

  14. Items:

  15. Dad’s Club - have a dad, Joshua Pruitt said he’ll do it; fall will be breakfast club; movie night in the spring will be a Dad’s Club event; have six other dads!

  16. Online store for Mohave merchandise – Jill Mullen has a friend who will set up a store for Mohave; Sarah Reagans; Kate has the logo and will send to Mini and Sarah; Mr. A has the ‘Marketing Box’; as soon as we can get started; Rhea said we could put socks in the PAWS drawing

  17. Teacher Info Sheets – Kate talked to Mr. A about teachers likes/dislikes to better ‘treat’ them; goal is to put on the PTO website for parents

  18. Auction – want to get a meeting date; proposed 9/12/19, 5:30 at Wild Flower; 12/5 is the auction date; Danita proposed a sign-up for committee; 11/22 is the talent show audition

  19. Treasurer’s Report – spent $1,157 over the summer; spent $20k in 2018-19; proposed a budget $15k for 2019-20 school year; Auction goal of $10k; Noelle asked we get prior approval;; Kate asked how teachers would feel about the form being digital

  20. Committee & Events Updates

  21. 8/28 – Sonic, 5-8 pm; 40% fundraiser; have to show flyer; received 50 - $5 coupons to sell; Scott will be there to sell; need to post on FB; Mr. A says they have the best ice : )

  22. Chipotle , 9/17, 4-8pm; biggest one of the year

  23. May have a Papa Johns or Barros

  24. December is movie night; got Mod pizza in the loop

  25. Mixer night – Gilligans is willing to host; Danita will confirm date; 9/10

  26. Skateland dates – 10/22; spring – 3/24

  27. Kahlua cones (run by a Desert Mountain student); will give back to PTO

  28. Sky Zone reached out to us

  29. Zerorez – reached out to us; all agreed to move forward

  30. Open Floor

  31. Tuft and Needle – need to promote; very generous; Mini to call

  32. Mr. te Velde – kids connected to school; successful families connected to school;

  33. Next meeting – 9/9/19 @ 4pm in the library

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