PTO Meeting Notes 08/13/2018

Mohave PTO Meeting Minutes: August 13th 2018

Call to order: 4PM

Attendance: Danita Shumard, Kate Gookin, Molly Simpson, Patty Beckman, Chris Asmussen, Lisa Whyte Morazan, Danyelle Sherwood, Lorena Abbott, Scott Skowronek, Wendy Allen Mini Maestas

Voting on board positions

  • The following positions have been filled; Kate made a motion to approve; Lyssa approved the motion. President – Kate Gookin, Vice-President – Lissa Whyte Morazan, Secretary – Danita Shumard, Treasurer: Mini Maestas, Website: Anne Milligan, Newsletter – Rhea Kowitz, Facebook Presence – Pam Ornstein, Volunteer Coordinator – NEEDED, Box Tops – Nikki Territo, Past Co-Presidents: Molly Simpson and Patty Beckman


  • These are going to be looked at; need a committee with Molly, Patty and Kate

Teacher luncheon Dates

  • PTO calendar going out; first teacher luncheon will be 10/31

Silent Auction

  • We need a new Silent Auction Chair; our previous chair, Jacque Beyrami has moved on; proposed a paid position (tiered payout)

  • Lissa said she knows someone that needs intern hours for marketing

  • Also, need a committee; pros/cons for last year were discussed (tight space, etc); Danita volunteered to head up checkout

  • Introduced Ms. Abbott, new Choir teacher; gathered her input

  • Proposed gym, or silent auction beforehand

  • Date still not determined

Teacher wish lists due tomorrow

Still need Volunteer Coordinator – Health Screening coming up

Dates needed:

  • Family Fun Night, Talent Show, Dances, 6/7th grade fun day, 8th grade outing, Scholarship celebration

  • Ms. Abbott is going to pick a date for Talent Show soon

  • Family Fun night – possible vendor night

  • Danielle Roe introduced herself and her business (Lula Roe) and said she is open to fundraising ideas


  • Dates are September 25 and March 12 6-8:30 - $5 admission, $3 back for up to first 99 admissions, didn’t have to pay for skates; Lissa is going to check with Pueblo to see what their contract is; Kate is going to look into a better contract

PE Uniforms

  • Made $449 on Open House night

  • Kate is going to do inventory; brainstorming ideas for shorts

  • Mr. A talked about giving away his sports inventory; could piggy back with selling shorts

  • Mr. A/Patty talked about the swag website (Zazzle) – need to get that going

Office Front Door Tinting

  • Billy Aiton is volunteering his service – he should contact Julie brown

Mohave PTO Packets

  • Going out this week

Patty suggested shirts designated for PTO to wear at events

PTO Today Gift bags

  • Packets didn’t get here in time. Patty suggested handing out at band or choir concert, along with a tax credit form. Needs to go to parents only as there are cough medication samples enclosed.

Mr. A

  • Coffee with Chris in September; plans to share data about kids and what Mohave focuses on. Patty asked if we need someone to bring donuts and he said he’s just going to have coffee

  • Mr. A also talked about speaking with Office Steele and having the officers come back to talk to parents

Fundraising Updates

  • Papa John’s dates set for entire school year: 8/31, 11/30, 2/22, 5/3

  • California Pizza Kitchen is locked in for two dates; 10/18, 1/16; Both CPK dates are early release days; thought was, since new manager of CPK will give 20% of sales back all day, we should try to drive both lunch and dinner traffic

  • Scott discussed with the CPK manager hanging a banner at Mohave on the fence by the drop off line, will confirm and see who this needs to be approved by at Mohave prior to hanging it up

  • Harkins movie night; discussed having the movie night in December again; there are two options; Aquaman (12/21 release date) & Spider-Man (12/14 release date)

  • Decided that Spider-Man would be the better (more popular) option and the timing was better

  • Discussed having the movie night on the December early release day (12/12), however this won’t work since the movie doesn’t release until 12/14

  • Scott to work with Harkins on another day; explore Sat or Sun 12/15-16 or Monday 12/17 if the weekend is cost prohibitive

  • Discussed having Mr. Coronado dress up in a Spider-Man costume (Mr. A said he could make it happen!)

  • Discussed having the same mom that works for Disney (that provided the light sabers last year) help with some giveaways for the movie night

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