August Meeting Minutes

Mohave PTO Meeting Minutes: August 7th 2017

Call to Order: 4:00 PM

Attendance: Molly Simpson, Rhea Kowitz, Kandie Donda, Beth Formanek (STUGO), Jessica Donnerstein, Wendy Allen (AP), Chris Asmussen (P), Christina Dolny, Laura Byrne, Sherri Ketterer, Kate Gookin, Danita Shumard, Carolyn Sostrom, Patty Beckman, Calvin Lowrie, Elena Russell

Treasurer Report

  • Currently in the bank: $7800

  • Made $1300 in PE uniform sales

  • Community events to help fundraise: Tuft & Needle, The Vig, Chipotle, and Skateland.

  • Skateland Event: Thursday, August 17th in Mesa. PTO will receive 100% of the profits at the door. Event is only for Mohave.

  • Chipotle Night: Tuesday, August 15th in Scottsdale from 4:00-8:00PM. 50% of profit will to go PTO.

New Business: Emergency buckets, First day safety, First Coffee with Chris, STUGO, PTO Needs, Robotics Club, Summer Reading Novels

Emergency Buckets

  • Emergency buckets are in the process of being assembled. Emergency buckets are placed in classrooms and used in an emergency (lockdown) scenario. Items include: toilet paper, feminine products, black tablecloth (privacy curtain), trash bags, gloves, etc.

  • Seven additional buckets are assembled as extras.

  • PTO to consider a Girl Scout troop to help assemble for volunteer hours.

First Day Safety

  • Back lot will remain closed. It is only to be used for teacher and staff parking.

  • 2 SPD officers will help direct traffic.

  • PTO to put up signs to help direct traffic in the pick-up/drop-off line.

Coffee With Chris

  • First gathering will be this Friday, the 11th


  • Calendar to be solidified soon.

  • Will sell PTO magnets and water at Curriculum Night.

PTO Needs

  • PTO would like to replace broken rolling coolers. These are the tall cylindrical type that holds cold soda or water bottles.

Robotics Club

  • Mohave is set to host the FLL Robotics Competition on Saturday, December 9th.

  • PTO would like to promote this event as a community builder.

  • In years past, PTO sold pizza. Will consider this again.

  • Will reach out to Mr. teVelde and Saguaro Team(s) to see how PTO can help.

Summer Reading Novels

  • Summer reading novels are books that 6th-8th graders are asked to read over the course of the summer. Often times, families purchase the book(s) and then donate somewhere outside of the school.

  • Would like to ask those families to donate summer reading novels to the school directly.

  • An idea would be to “Bring a Book” as admission to a STUGO dance.

  • Someone to touch base with Doreen, our school librarian, about ideas on how to get those donated books into the hands of students in need.

Continuing Business: Mohave Talent Show and Auction, Mr. A’s Wish List, ELA Novels, 8th Grade T-Shirts, Website

Mohave Talent Show and Auction

  • Date set for Thursday, November 2nd.

  • Email Molly Simpson or Patty Beckman with new donations.

Mr. A’s Wish List

  • Mr. A and the PTO are working together on different needs on campus

  • Sub stipend: $1500

  • Teacher conferences for professional development: $1000

  • Not My Kid: $750, Parent programming $500

  • Awards: $1000

ELA Novels

  • PTO purchased 1st quarter novels for 6th, 7th, and 8th.

  • Will apply for a Charros Grant for 2nd quarter books. Additional grants to consider: Wal-Mart and Larry Miller Toyota.

  • Mr. A working to bring back Reading time as instructional time.

8th Grade T-Shirts

  • Mrs. Formaneck to organize STUGO to help create the t-shirt design.

  • Mr. A will approve.

  • PTO has a contact with Bella Canvas ($3.80/shirt, plus an additional fee for screen-printing).

  • Would like to have shirts approved by the end of fall break.


  • Volunteer page has been updated.

  • Things to add: Helpful Links (strings, band, choir, clubs), Silent Auction link, Fund-a-Need (ongoing fundraising).

Meeting Adjourned: 5:30PM

Next Meeting: Monday, September 11th at 4:00PM in the Media Center

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